Canvas PONG!

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This is a demonstration of the <canvas> tag, which can be used with a limited number of browers. This only works in Firefox 1.5, as far as I know. If anybody knows any other browsers, and the verisons that support this tag, please let me know. :D

As you can see, It is entirely possibly to code simple games using this tag and javascript. In fact, there is another fine example of this tag rendering simple "DOOM" style 3d called Canvascape.

There are still some bugs in the game, such as math errors and some clipping issues. Also, the code is somewhat less than optimized at the moment. This is really just a proof of concept though. Considering the fact that the W3C doesn't even recognizes this tag (yet?), any real world use of it is pretty limited at the moment. Hopefully, this incredibly useful tag will get picked up in the near future and be supported by W3C standards and future browsers ::crosses fingers:: ;)


Player 1 Up: W
Player 1 Down: S
Player 2 Up: Up Arrow
Player 2 Down: Down Arrow
Pause: Spacebar